The NRCC is blasting newly elected Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney for his role in a new web ad highlighting the success of the House Majority PAC in the last election cycle.

Maloney is one of a handful of freshman Democrats who talk about the impact the PAC had on their election to Congress. Candidates are not allowed to coordinate with these Super PACs during campaigns. But taping an ad for them after the fact isn’t against the law.

In a press release the NRCC says this is “unprecedented”. And it suggests that this is a sign that Maloney is bought and paid for by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who founded the House Majority PACwho supports the PAC.

“It only took a couple weeks but Sean Patrick Maloney has already gone Washington, starring in an ad to thank Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC for using special interest money to get him into office. It should be no surprise that Maloney is putting Nancy Pelosi’s interests ahead of New York families – Pelosi bought Maloney his seat,” said NRCC Spokesman Nathaniel Sillin

Here’s the ad: