In sign of what we’ll likely see from the state Senate later today, Democratic conference spokesman Mike Murphy in a statement this morning called the proposed rules changes “unprecedented and unususal” and cast doubt on whether the coalition government will function.

“The rules were made available close to midnight the night before the vote and we still don’t have all the answers to how this unprecedented and unusual control agreement will work. The people of New York deserve clear answers and deserve to know they will get the progressive government they demanded and Senate Democratic will work to ensure that happens.”

The rules, released last night aroun 11 p.m., would enshrine the five-member Independent Democratic Conference into an official third conference of the chamber, along with the Senate GOP and Senate Democrats. The changes would require IDC Leader Jeff Klein and Republican Leader Dean Skelos to sign off on any bills that come to the floor for a vote while rotating the Senate presidency.

The changes are expected to be voted on in the first session of the new Senate at noon today.

At first glance, all of this is very much inside baseball, but the rules do matter, especially since the member items allocation — 29 percent for Senate Democrats, as opposed to 71 percent for the GOP and IDC coalition — will impact bullet aid for school districts