Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos wouldn’t rule out passing the budget with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.75, though he noted “anything can be taken out of the budget.”

That Cuomo is inserting the proposal, which would not be tied to inflation, could be seen as a help to the Senate GOP to get the measure through the Legislature.

Remember: Cuomo has the upperhand when it comes to proposing budget plans and, generally speaking, has gotten the broad strokes of what he’s submitted in the final approval.

The Senate is controlled by a coalition of Republicans and five Democrats, which passed an early test last week in allowing a vote on the gun control law that included increased sentencing for gun crimes.

Skelos said that he would want to see business tax credits, which he says is more useful in creating jobs.

“Anything can be in the budget, anything can be taken out of the budget,” Skelos said. “We’ll analyze it, we’ll see if this is the right year to raise the minimum wage, but also critically important are business tax credits I think are critically important that I think are very effective in creating jobs.”

Still, having the wage provision not tied to inflation, a key provision for more liberal lawmakers who backed the legislation when it was proposed by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last year, could make things easier to pass through the GOP conference.  

“Certainly it makes it a lot easier, but it’s not a matter of whether it’s easier, it’s whether there’s enough for job creation,” he said.  “I think it’s a good blueprint and I don’t see a reason why we can’t have an on-time budget.”

The other half of the coalition leadership, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, predicted the measure would pass.

“It’s one of my major priorities, I promised that it will get done and I believe it will get done,” Klein said.