Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos indicated today that he was open to a gradual increase in the state’s minimum wage, but was opposed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan that would increase it immediately from $7.25 to $8.75.

“We’re going to discuss it in the conference, we’re going to think about it and perhaps a phase in would work,” Skelos told reporters. “I’m going to discuss it with the job creators, business community and we’ll move forward.”

Senate Republicans last year called a minimum wage increase as proposed by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver a “job killer.”

But that measure, introduced in an election year, had tied future increases to the rate of inflation and subsequently went nowhere in Albany.

Now Cuomo has his own measure that’s included in his $142.6 billion budget proposal, but he’s opening to negotiating — a welcomed move for Republicans.

“The governor has already indicated a willingness to compromise and we will look to see if there’s a way to compromise,” Skelos said.