Staten Island Democratic Party Chairman John Gulino slammed Rep. Michael Grimm for his support yesterday of House Speaker John Boehner in his successful bid in retaining his leadership post for another two years after what Gulino called the Hurricane Sandy aid legislation debacle.”

Grimm, a Republican whose Staten Island/Brooklyn district sustained significant damage during the storm, initially expressed outrage after learning that Boehner had decided to adjourn earlier this week without allowing a vote on the $60.4 billion Sandy disaster aid bill sent to Congress by President Obama and approved by the US Senate between Christmas and New Year’s.

In his Wednesday night floor speech, which appears below, Grimm used words like “betrayal” and “error in judgement” to describe Boehner’s decision, and suggested in subsequent interviews that he would abstain during yesterday’s speakership vote.

But Grimm changed his tune after Boehner said he would allow a vote today on $9.7 billion worth of federal disaster aid (the measure passed 354 to to 67 with overwhelming bipartisan support and is expected to be approved by the Senate later) and pledged a vote on the remaining $51 billion later this month.

That did not sit well with Gulino, who issused the following statement:

“Speaker Boehner put politics before helping Staten Islanders when he prevented a vote on legislation to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Congressman Grimm rightfully said he wouldn’t vote for the Speaker only to change his mind so fast it gave most people whiplash.”

“This vote is an outrage. The Congressman should have demonstrated courage and leadership, instead he showed loyalty to a man who dismissed the needs of Staten Islanders as if we weren’t suffering. The one time the Congressman could have showed leadership he didn’t and in the process abandoned his constituents. Every Staten Islander must remember this vote and hold the Congressman accountable for this vote and I have no doubt they will.”

Grimm was not alone in his rapid about-face on Boehner. Long Island Rep. Pete King, the senior GOP member of the New York delegation, actually was far more outspoken in his criticism of Boehner in multiple media interviews after the Sandy vote was delayed. He even went so far as to call for residents of Sandy-impacted states to cease contributing to the NRCC, saying they would be crazy to do so.

That didn’t sit too well with the speaker, who reportedly called King “an unprintable name” when he showed up for conference. (The word in question as “a–hole,” and King was actually far from offended, calling it an “icebreaker”).

But King also supporter Boehner in the end, saying:

“What’s done is done. The fact is, when the money was on the line yesterday, when the decision had to be made, John Boehner made the right decision. John Boehner agreed to put it all on the calendar. If we’re going to carry grudges for the rest of our lives, we’ll never get anything done.”