Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins made her first national appearance, albeit on a Saturday, to talk gun control on MSNBC.

And the interview is a good sign of why Stewart-Cousins was selected to be the face of the Democratic conference.

While friendly turf, Stewart-Cousins’ appearance is a sign that Democrats are pushing for a more visible role in the national press (this coming after her conference deputy, Mike Gianaris, made an appearance on decidely unfriendly turf on Fox News alongside Sen. Greg Ball and Sean Hannity).

In the interview, Stewart-Cousins says New York’s gun control law made official on Tuesday is a model for the rest of the country.

“It says what the American people want us to say,” she said. “It says that we heard they want us to do common sense things and that’s what we’ve done.”

She added, “I’m hoping that the progressive actions in New York, certainly under the leadership of GovernrCuomo and the support of all of my Democratic colleauges we will be able to set the stage for a real conversation about passing common-sense gun laws.”

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