As proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, up to three casinos would be built in the state’s upstate region with none on the table for New York City, a proposal couched in economic development for the area, but one that seemed geared also to appeal to powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Silver has been weary of casino gambling and, as the state Legislature considers the second passage of a constitutional amendment to expand gambling in New York this year, the move could have faced significant blockage in the chamber.

But the Cuomo proposal — which would divy up casino revenue by sending 90 percent to education and 10 percent to reduce local property taxes — has appeal for Silver.

“I think it makes it easier,” Silver said in a scrum with reporters. “I don’t think we should have casinos in densely populated areas of our state. I don’t think that people should be able to go out to lunch from working and lose a month’s pay on their lunch hour so I’m all for destination casinos — casinos where it’s not densely populated.”

Where the casinos are ulimately placed is up to a gaming commission, which would approve plans that have local government and community support, Cuomo said in the speech.

Still, it’s the opposite of the ambitious plan Cuomo proposed last year in his State of the State address, when he wanted to build a casino and convention center at the Aqueduct racetrack in Queens. The Queens casino and convention center dropped like a lead ballon after talks with Malaysian-based Genting fell apart, Cuomo said in June.

The proposal could also freeze out building a casino — presumably — in Yonkers, where there is a harness racetrack and video lottery terminals.

I think the governor is calling at it as he sees it. He’s seeing what’s necessary ni the state. He’s appealing to business with no new taxes, reducing workers comp.

I think it’s just a competency exam. One way or another we have to do licensing of teachers. We do it now in a different way they have to prove qualifications. If there’s another way, that’s fine with me