That the press isn’t held in high esteem by those attending the Conservative Party convention in Colonie today is something of an understatement.

And the fourth estate’s coverage (or lack thereof) when it came to Wendy Long’s losing Senate candidacy against Democratic U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was singled out for particular ire.

There are numerous examples Long cited in her speech to the convention goers.

She said most of the press was hung up on her saying that she wouldn’t attend a same-sex wedding (it was a question posed to the three GOP primary candidates in the YNN/NY1 debate) and, of course, Liz’s infamous “50 Shades of Grey” question to both Long and Gillibrand during the lighting round.

One audience member during the question-and-answer session today told Long that conservatives should begin their own media projects because “we can’t rely on Fox to do everything.”

But Long disagreed that Fox News was pro-Republican or tilted heavily in favor of GOP candidates like her, saying that the network wouldn’t invite her on for another interview unless they had also spoken to Gillibrand.

“They didn’t give me a whole leg up or a lot of air time or a big advantage,” Long said. “They really are fair and balanced. Fox definitely isn’t an answer to us getting more coverage because they really are even-handed.”