A panel of seven appellate court judges has unanimously upheld the 2011 conviction of GOP operative John Haggerty of charges related to the theft of $1.1 million worth of Mayor Bloomberg’s money during the billionaire mayor’s third (and final) re-election campaign in 2009.

A refresher: Bloomberg contriubted the cash in question to the state Independence Party, which, in turn, gave it to Haggerty to provide a ballot security program on Election Day. Prosecutors said Haggerty used most of the money – about $750,000 – to purchase his father’s house in Forest Hills, Queens.

In their ruling, which appears below (and starts on page 23), the judges wrote:

“Since the transfer of the money from the Mayor to the Independence Party was the larceny, the evidence also proved defendants’ guilt of money laundering, based on the transfer of the proceeds of the larceny from the Independence Party to the shell corporation.”

“The evidence supports the conclusion that the transfer was designed in whole or in part to ‘conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership or the control of the proceeds’ of the preexisting larceny.”

Haggerty was initially found guilty of second-degree grand larceny and second-degree money laundering by a jury, but received a “not guilty” verdict on the most serious charge against him: First-degree grand larceny.

His sentencing in December 2011 to an aggregate term of one and a third to four years in prison plus with $750,000 in restitution was also upheld by the appellate panel.

Haggerty has remained free while his appeal was pending. During that time, he engaged in some political work, popping up to assist NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich, also a Queens Republican, with his unsuccessful state Senate run last year.

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