NY Times called Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch’s death a moment of “unalloyed sadness”.

In an interview to the Times in 2007, and released today, Koch said he never forgave the Cuomo family for the 1977 Mayoral campaign when Koch’s sexuality was called into question.

Before his death, Koch also worked with the Times to compile a series of op-ed’s and letters to the editor to remember him.

Koch had some memorable quotes in his time.

One of Koch’s biggest critics, Wayne Barrett, gives the former Mayor a “+”.

GOP Strategist Bill O’Reilly described Koch as “the man in the arena.”

Koch’s tombstone includes the final words of journalist Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded 11 years ago today.

Obama administration has changed its policy on contraception to allay some religious groups concerns.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is the latest cabinet member to announce that he is leaving the White House.

The country added more than 150 thousand jobs in January.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino compared Cuomo’s pension smoothing plan to crack cocaine?

Former Massachusetts US Senator Scott Brown has decided not to run for the seat vacated by new Secretary of State John Kerry.

Hillary Clinton received a warm send off on her last day as Secretary of State.

Buffalo News Reporter Bob McCarthy shares his thoughts on Carl Paladino’s potential run for school board.

A former NASA Scientist says 7 astronauts who died in the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy were never told that the ship was damaged even though NASA knew of potential damage.