NJ Gov. Chris Christie backtracked on his comment that he’s “98 percent the same” as Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but did note that both of them were raised by Sicilian mothers.”

Mayor Bloomberg:  “I happen to have some money, and that’s what I’m gonna do with my money – try to get us some sensible gun laws.”

“Five animals who are not disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.”

The Illinois congressional candidate Bloomberg is targeting, Debbie Halvorson, says the mayor is trying to “buy this district from New York.”

EJ McMahon says Sen. Kathy Marchione’s decision to donate her pension is “not entirely altruistic.”

Sen. John DeFrancisco wants to ban political robocalls, which he believes are definitely annoying and probably ineffective.

Another one of those “six degrees of US Sen. Chuck Schumer’s former staffers” graphics. It’s a lot bigger than you think.

Rep. Charlie Rangel called the sequester “unAmerican in every sense of the word.”

The NY Post called David Grandeau with questions about JCOPE (or JJOKE, as he calls it). Naturally, he blogged about the experience.

ASsemblywoman Annie Rabbitt appears poised to run for Orange County clerk.

Add Assemblyman Cliff Crouch to the list of elected officials who have launched on-line petitions to repeal the NY SAFE Act.

Why Cuomo’s abortion rights plan is “more about symbolism than changing much of anything for women’s reproductive  health – in New York state or anywhere else.”

Three pigs wearing jackets attended a “Save Petey” (the pig) rally held by Sen. Tony Avella.

More on that here, because you just can’t have enough pigs.

The Empire State Fellows program is accepting applications again. The deadline is midnight, April 12.

The NYC mayor’s race is creating some strange political bedfellows.

The NYC Independence Party will endorse former Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion for mayor tomorrow.

In fact, the retirement announcements of Sens. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) on Friday and Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) on Monday have put the Senate on track for more retirements than at any point in the last four decades.

RIP Isac Weinberger.