With yet another rally at the Capitol — the third in the last several weeks — to oppose the month-old gun control law, Republican former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is again urging his supporters to come to Albany and demonstrate against the law.

Paladino was here last week for a rally that, if anything, highlighted the struggles within the conservative voter base over the measure, even if polls show most New Yorkers are in favor of updating the state’s assault weapons ban.

Next week rally will be held on Feb. 28 and this time it’s sponsored by the New York Rifle and Pistol Association.

Now Paladino is calling attention to another measure that contributes to the so-called “slipper slope” argument about gun control — namely the theory that one gun control law opens the door to other, even more Draconian measures.

The Buffalo businessman in a blast email sent a few days ago called attention to a little-noticed measure carried by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz that would require up to $1 million in limited liability insurance for anyone who owns a firearm.

From the bill memo:

“This legislation establishes and requires gun-owners to obtain and maintain liability insurance policy prior to such ownership. By having this insurance policy in place, innocent victims of gun-related accidents and violence will be compensated for the medical care for their injuries.”

That Ortiz’s bill stands little chance of passing seems like a given after the passage of the sweeping law last month and the expending of political capital to do so. 

For now, he is listed as the only sponsor in the Assembly and there is no companion bill in the state Senate.