True to form, the state Independence Party has released a grab-bag policy list of agenda items that it wants done this year by the state Legislature.

Chairman Frank McKay announced earlier today that the third party — which is not the same thing as being a registered, small “i” independent — are pushing for Scaffold Law reform, a raise in the state’s minimum wage to $8.75 and legalization of medical marijuana.

The party is also backing the state-level version of the Dream Act and give the children of undocumented immigrants the ability to apply for college aid as well as the expansion of gambling through table-top games.

“We put forward the attached list that ranges from the approval of a new minimum wage package, passage of enhanced gambling with certain criteria, move a Medical Marijuana system, pass the legislation concerning the Scaffold Act and the Dream Act and bring improvements tothe Brownfield Cleanup Program,” said State Chairman Frank MacKay.

Independence Party 2013 Legislative Agenda 2-15-13 by Nick Reisman