At the start of the week, Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos made clear he is opposed to the Reproductive Health Act, making the chances for the measures passage seem slim.

Skelos is presented with a political quandary as his conference has allowed votes on measures like same-sex marriage and gun control; anathema to conservative voters and the Republican base.

In speaking with reporters this week, Skelos and his Senate co-president, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein pointed out that the RHA faces hurdles from Democratic lawmakers as well, because Sens. Tim Kennedy and Ruben Diaz are opposed to abortion.

Without responding directly to the question about support within her own conference, Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said she hoped the women’s equality package as proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo would receive some Republican support.

Indeed, looking for Democratic votes for the RHA presumes the 30 Republicans in the Senate oppose the measure.

Observers at the Capitol have pointed in recent days to moderate members of the Republican conference and their past comment on abortion, including Sen. John Boncacic.

Despite the official platforms, abortion is not really a party issue but one that criss-crosses religion and cultural backgrounds.

Cuomo has also shown an ability to find Republican votes on social issues like same-sex marriage. The women’s equality package does include some provisions that the GOP could support, such as cracking down on domestic abuse. While the GOP conference may be turning more conservative, there’s still plenty of moderates, advocates say, that could push the measure forward.