Gov. Andrew Cuomo this afternoon in a quickly arranged news conference insisted he was not rolling back his signature acheievement so far of 2013: the state’s sweeping new gun control law.

But he did acknowledge that budget negotiations have included addressing “inconsistencies” in the SAFE Act when it comes to the ownership and sale of 10-round magazines.

Cuomo told reporters that the law could be clarified to allow 10-round magazines, but not more than seven rounds in the clip. Ten rounds would also be allowed at shooting ranges and competitions, he said.

“Clarification on that is you can have a magazine that can hold ten bullets but you can only have seven bullets in the magazine unless you at the range or in competition,” Cuomo said.

The news conference came a day after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirmed to reporters that the SAFE Act provision had become part of the budget talks.

Cuomo said it is inaccurate, as opponents of the SAFE Act claim, that the measure was rushed through in haste and that the clarification is an acknowledgement of that.

The SAFE Act had been worked on for “weeks” and possibly longer the budget proposal, he said.

The budget talks have ground on as Cuomo and legislative leaders meet behind closed doors. Cuomo stressed that it was very early in the process, but it is not unlikely a deal can be in place for lawmkers to approve the budget by the end of the week.

That would mean bills could be voted on by the end of the weekened at the earliest. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has told members to stay in Albany through the weekend.

The SAFE Act talks are just one of several non-budget related policy items that have been included in the negotiations. Among them are a $9 minimum wage by the end of 2015, the legalization of mixed-martial arts in New York and an overhaul of marijuana laws for New York City.

Cuomo said the budget presents an opportunity to pass those policy issues.

“The budget is one of the times, one of the opportunites to really come to resolution and the more work we can get done, the better,” he said.