Rep. Rand Paul’s filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to lead the CIA, fueled by concerns about the legality of drone strikes against U.S. citizens overseas, is – as of this moment – still going on.

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a new job with his eldest son Tagg’s investment firm.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called it “absurd” and a “joke” for the  White House to shut down tours because of the sequester.

Insiders say former Rep. Nan Hayworth has privately told them she’ll run for Congress again in 2014.

Assemblyman Al Stirpe confirmed he “lost it for a brief second” and directed an “f-bomb” at several pro-gun constituents during a heated moment in his Albany office last week.

The differences between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are clearly defined by their respective Instagram accounts.

The CBC says Cuomo’s proposed expansion of the competitive education grant program to $175 million “may be premature, and the new money might be allocated more effectively using other strategies.”

Cindy Adams spent some quality time with self-described “New York Republicrat” and mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis.

The early budget could be really, REALLY early.

UFCW Local 1500 endorsed Tom Suozzi’s effort to return to the Nassau County executive’s office.

Here’s the roll call for today’s $982 billion continuing resolution House vote.

Longshot mayor hopeful Randy Credico engaged in a little performance art/demonstration (or, as Jimmy Vielkind so eloquently put it, “shock lobbying”) at the state Capitol.

Gatemouth digs deeply into the often controversial past of the Brooklyn BP race frontrunner, Sen. Eric Adams.

“If Albany decided today to move forward with natural gas development, would rigs leave Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North Dakota? Not likely.”

Former Congresswoman-turned-gun control advocate Garry Giffords returned to the Safeway parking lot where she was shot to call for universal background checks.

A Catholic commentator says Cuomo is on “a kind of progressive rampage.”

More local government resolutions passed in opposition to the SAFE Act.

NYC lobbyists received a record $62 million last year to influence city government, and Major League Soccer was the biggest spender as it sought approval to build a  new stadium in Queens.

The New York State Association of School Business Officials wants the Legislature to place a one year moratorium on resetting the interest rate used to calculate building aid for capital projects.

This happened.