No new pope yet.

Papal bracketology.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration says New York’s private-sector job growth is “setting records.” But the state actually slightly trailed the nation in private-sector job growth during the governor’s first two years in office.

Cuomo’s proposal to cap arbitration awards for police and firefighters is not included in the Senate or Assembly budget bills.

Mayor Bloomberg again panned the court decision that blocked his ban on large sugary drinks: “An awful lot of people are dying. This is not a joke.”

The state Division of Criminal Justice and Office of Mental Health released a 22-minute video outlining how mental health professionals must report patients who are considered dangerous to comply with the SAFE Act.

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer says he has an “intellectual fascination” with the position of state comptroller, but also said the office’s current occupant, Tom DiNapoli, is a “good friend.”

Thirty-seven states, including New York, announced a $7 million settlement with Google today over its unauthorized collection of data from unsecured wireless networks, AG Eric Schneiderman said.

Cuomo has appointed Jodie Corngold of Brooklyn to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct for a term ending March 31, 2015.

He also submitted New York’s “action plan” for using federal money for homeowners and businesses hit by superstorm Sandy, earmarking $171 million for home buyouts.

NYC Comptroller John Liu will reportedly formally announce his mayoral campaign this Sunday.

NYC Council Speaker/mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn was on Piers Morgan last night.

Quinn called on Albany to pass legislation allowing a speed camera demonstration program in New York City. (The cameras are in the Assembly’s one-house budget).

Sen. Chuck Schumer is still looking for the “sweet spot” on gun control.

The state School Boards Association took a pass on joining NYSUT’s tax cap lawsuit.

Susan Arbetter compares Albany to an onion, because peeling back all its layers is “slow and painful and there’s a lot of crying.”

A pack of powerful business groups met to strategize in advance of a NYC Council hearing on the long-gestating paid-sick-leave bill.

Cuomo is open to MMA, and says the decision on whether to lift its ban should be based on money, not morality.

Assemblyman Steve Katz should not go to Buffalo anytime soon.

“House of Cards” is must-see TV for some members of Congress.

Bloomberg’s proposed budget proposes “significant” risks in the out years, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

The governor announced appointments to the Committee on Open Government.