After he was busted for marijuana possession and speeding, Assemblyman Steve Katz reported to work in Albany as if nothing had happened, and didn’t mention his arrest to Minority Leader Brian Kolb.

Katz’s challenger in the 2012 Republican primary, Dario Gristina, called on the assemblyman to resign: “This is not the behavior you would expect from an elected official, especially from a conservative county like ours.”

Katz voted against a bill to legalize marijuana for medical use.

The Buffalo News chalks Katz’s arrest up to “bad Buffalo Bills’ karma.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “If you are a school district, or a city, or a town or a county, and you are looking for a fundamental financial reform, consolidation is one of the obvious ones.”

The New York Conference of Mayors slammed the Assembly and Senate for being willing to pass a budget that’s largely devoid of mandate relief.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner spent $106,500 on polling this month. (Perhaps he is mulling a comeback after all?)

Weiner says he has “nothing more to report beyond what I reported” (in his campaign filing).

The NYS Business Council created a webpage highlighting and praises legislators who oppose Cuomo’s proposed five year extension of the 18-a utility assessment.

A nill under consideration in the NYC Council would bar those under 21 from buying pointed tools like awls and ice picks.

President Obama’s Irish cousin is in NYC to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

After Hasidic leaders complained, Brooklyn Councilman Stephen Levin is demanding that “The Amazing  Spider-Man 2” reschedule a film shoot that would close off South Williamsburg streets during Passover.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is expanding its staff in a number of states, bringing on field organizers and staffers to press members of Congress in advance of voting on gun control legislation.

Cuomo’s salary cap on executives at organizations that provide services to the state, announced with much fanfare in 2012, has yet to take effect.

Former Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle says Republicans “really have to understand that the days of the good-old-boy party, the days of the establishment party, are gone forever.”

Peter Lauria is leaving Thomson Reuters to become editor of BuzzFeed’s new business section.

Mayor Bloomberg called Mississippi fat.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli endorsed his former Assembly colleague, Manhattan BP Scott Stringer, for NYC comptroller.

The UFC has a new estimate that claims legalizing the controversial sport would mean $100 million in economic benefits over the next two years.

Bloomberg said the NYC school system was a “disgrace” before mayoral control, which the UFT has proposed rolling back.