Gov. Andrew Cuomo, perhaps with more than a bit of sarcasm, shrugged off the signs and posters at last week’s anti-gun control rally that compared him to Hitler and other dictators.

“It’s just another fun day at work doing the peoples’ business and working in public service to make this state a better state,” Cuomo said with a smile. “Oh, what a joy it is. Let’s go have another substantive conversation on an important issue.”

On a more serious note, Cuomo said he would not be open to altering the provisions of the January law that reduced the number of rounds in a magazine from 10 to seven as Republican Leader Dean Skelos suggested earlier today.

“Technical changes,” Cuomo said. “But I want to understand from the senator what the technical change is. I do not consider that a technical change. If it is raising what it is now saying in the law about seven to 10, I don’t think that is a technical change.”

Some of the technical changes include clarifying the gun control law to allow law enforcement to use the weapons it bans, along with an exemption for Hollywood, which Cuomo said today he isn’t sure is actually needed.