In the latest salvo in the ongoing intra-party battle between downstate GOP leaders that started in the wake of Sen. Malcolm Smith’s arrest, Manhattan Chairman Dan Isaacs is threatening to sue Sen. Marty Golden for slander if the senator won’t stop making “false statements” about the chairman’s potential involvement in the ballot line-for-sale scandal.

Isaacs said as much in a letter to Golden, which he released to members of the media. An excerpt:

“As an initial matter, it boggles the mind that you, as a former New York City police officer, would continue to interject yourself into what is an ongoing Federal criminal investigation and interfere with that investigation by spreading false statements.”

“Indeed, your recent attempt to question the integrity and oust my colleague, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton – whose honesty is unquestioned – was universally seen for what it was: A crass attempt by you to further your own political ends to the detriment of the Brooklyn Party and indeed the City Parties in general.”

(In case you aren’t aware of Golden’s effort to oust Eaton, click here).

Isaacs defends himself against Golden’s allegations, (which, for the record, I personally have neither heard nor read), insisting that he never accepted any bribes as his fellow GOP leaders – Bronx Chairman Jay Savino and Queens Vice Chair Vince Tabone – were accused of doing by the US attorney.

NYC GOP Chairman Dan Isaacs letter to Sen. Marty Golden by liz_benjamin6490