Senate Co-President Jeff Klein issued an appreciated statement on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s proposal to introduce a system of public financing for political campaigns, but added the measure introduced today doesn’t go far enough.

In the statement, Klein reiterated hi call for ending the Wilson-Pakula waiver for cross-party endorsements and eliminatnig “party slush funds” or the so-called housekeeping accounts.

“The IDC appreciates Speaker Silver’s commitment to public financing,” Klein said in a statement. “Nevertheless, our members believe that unless we repeal Wilson Pakula, eliminate party slush funds, and prohibit multi-million dollar transfers from party committees to individual candidates, then we will fail to address the fundamental problems of our current campaign finance system. The proposal put forth by the IDC last week accomplishes all of these goals and will finally deliver the type of reform that voters demand.”

Silver said today at a news conference unveiling the public matching donor program for campaigns that a bill that banned housekeeping accounts wouldn’t have the support to pass.

Updated: Assembly spokesman Mike Whyland responds that “when” Klein is able to pass his legislation through the Senate, the speaker would be more than happy to consider it.