In the first poll released since Anthony Weiner confirmed he is mulling a potential entry into the New York City mayor’s race, the former congressman demonstrates he could still be a contender – or, at the very least, complicate things considerably for already-declared fellow Democrats.

Among registered Democrats questioned in the NBC New York-Marist poll, including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, Weiner received 15 percent of the vote, placing his second to the Democratic frontrunner, NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn, who gets 26 percent.

NYC Comptroller John Liu comes in third with 12 percent, with Bill Thompson and NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hot on his heels with 11 percent each. That’s essentially a statistical dead heat for third place because the margin of error for the Democratic portion of the poll is 4.2 percent. Twenty-two percent of voters are undecided.

“Right now, a Weiner candidacy attracts double-digit support in the Democratic primary,” said Marist pollster Lee Miringoff. “He makes it even more difficult for any of the Democratic contenders to reach the needed forty percent to avoid a run-off.”

Without Weiner in the race, Quinn nets 30 percent of the vote, while de Blasio comes in second with 15 percent, following by Thompson at 14 percent and Liu at 11 percent. In this scenario, 26 percent of voters said they were undecided.

When Marist last reported this question in February, 37 percent of Democratic voters – including those who were undecided yet leaning toward a candidate – supported Quinn, while 13 percent backed Thompson, and 12 percent were for de Blasio. Nine percent supported Liu.

As Weiner continues mulling his options, 40 percent of registered Democrats say they want him to seek the mayoralty, while 46 percent do not want him to run and 14 percent are unsure. 14% are unsure. Citywide, only 37 percent want him to run, while 47 percent do not want to see him become a candidate for mayor this year.

These numbers have improved for Weiner since a Marist poll released last October. At that time, only 28 percent of registered Democrats wanted Weiner to throw his hat into the ring, while 57 percent did not, and 14 percent were unsure. Among all registered voters, only one in four – 25 percent – wanted Weiner to enter the contest for mayor and 58 percent did not want him torun.

Weiner’s favorability has also improved. He now has a net positive rating – 45-41 – among registered Democrats. Two months ago, his rating was upside down. Only 34 percent of Democrats viewed Weiner favorably at that time, and 43 percent had an unfavorable impression of him.

Of course, Weiner is the flavor of the month at the moment. And though the scrutiny of him has been high, thanks to lingering questions about the sexting scandal that forced him from office, it’s sure to become even more intense should he actually throw his hat into the ring, and then who knows what his numbers will do.

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