The criminal complaint alleging a widespread bribery scheme as part of Sen. Malcolm Smith’s effort to get on the Republican New York City mayoral ballot filed today by the U.S. Attorney’s office also draws in a fellow member of the Independent Democratic Conference.

According to the complaint, Smith had been speaking to an undercover federal agent posing as a wealthy real estate developer.

The complaint alleges Smith sought state funding for a $500,000 road project in Spring Valley, Rockland County, that would benefit a real estate deal for the undercover agent’s company in exchange for bribes to Bronx County Chairman Jay Savino and Queens Chairman Vincent Tabone.

Smith accordingly called the move “doable” and said he would speak to a lawmaker identified in the complaint as a state senator whose district “encompasses” Spring Valley.

Though referenced throughout the complaint as the “Spring Valley State Senator” the lawmaker is most likely fellow Independent Democratic Conference member David Carlucci, who represents most of Rockland County, including Spring Valley.

Smith met with the undercover agent and a cooperating witness as late as March 21 in Albany to discuss the road project. At the time, Smith expressed surprise that the other lawmaker had not been contacted about the funding. In the conversation, Smith said he had figured out a possible way to get the funding.

From the complaint’s transcript of the conversation:

I’m surprised you didn’t see urn, urn, [the Spring Valley State Senator]. . Why don’t you use him up for your little road stuff. I bet ya he can. I think, I think I found another place for him to do it, too. Out of multi-modal money. . . . Multi-modal money is outside the budget and it’s always around.

It does not appear, at least according to the complaint, that Carlucci was ever approached by undercover agents for the funding nor was he involved at all in the broader bribery scheme as alleged by federal prosecutors.

Still, the episode is an example that Smith’s joining the IDC late last year would end up being a toxic one for the conference.