The state plans to close four facilities for the developmentally disabled by 2017, OPWDD announced this afternoon.

Jason Weiner, brother of Anthony, contacted one of the former congressman’s online chat mates to see if she’d be a problem for his candidacy.

Weiner denied the report.

Speaker Christine Quinn, a rival of Weiner’s in the mayoral race, called Weiner’s behavior “reckless” but did not call on him to leave the race.

Support for Assemblyman Micah Kellner’s city Council bid is crumbling after he admitted to inappropriate conversations with legislative aides.

The DN’s editorial board is calling on the governor to push Weiner from the race.

Onondaga County GOP Chairman Tom Dadey is asking a judge to kick a Republican he doesn’t support off the ballot for mayor.

Bloomberg versus Spitzer, again.

A receptionist working in Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner’s office has been arrested on drug charges.

As expected Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill closing a loophole in Leandra’s Law.

It was just one of a slew of laws Cuomo approved today.

State lawmakers from western New York are urging Cuomo to approve a measure that would stiffen penalties for child abuse.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will be campaigning for Saratoga Springs mayoral hopeful Joanne Yepsen this Sunday and then will head to the track.

Carlos Danger, the world’s worst superhero.

Congrats to Jimmy and Katherine!