Brooklyn Democratic state Sen. Kevin Parker called on U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumder today to withdraw his support for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly becoming secretary of Homeland Security in a letter released this afternoon.

In the letter dated July 17, Parker, cited the city police department’s monitoring of mosques, Islamic schools and Muslim student organizations.

Parker cited the “abuse” of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy as “ineffective policy” that should disqualify Kelly.

“For the past decade, communities of color in New York City have been ravaged by their police department that treats certain people as a permanent class of criminals,” Parker wrote to Schumer, a fellow Brooklynite. “Being a young Black or Latino mal does not make one a criminal, and being Muslim does not make one a terrorist.”

Schumer emerged as a major backer of Kelly taking on the DHS post in the wake of the resignation of Janet Napolitano, who left the Obama administration to become the next head of the California state university system.

Though Parker wouldn’t have a say in a potential confirmation process for Kelly, the letter highlights the concerns liberal and minority officials would have with Kelly — and the baggage he would bring with him to Washington.

“I urge you to walk down Flatbush Avenue or attend church services with me and ask our constituents whether they have faith in Ray Kelly as police commissioner, let alone as Secretary of Homeland Security,” Parker wrote.

Parker Schumer Oppose Ray Kelly DHS Sec Final by Nick Reisman