U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer endorsed Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner at the State Fair this afternoon, a rare nod during a Democratic primary.

“She’s been an amazing mayor,” Schumer said. “She is smart, she is hard working. She is no nonsense. And above all she puts the people of the city of Syracuse above everything else. Rare is the elected official who keeps his or her eyes so focused on helping the people who elected the person. When you get a mayor like that you should proud and cling to them and want them to be re-elected.”

For her part, Miner called Schumer “the hardest working man in government.”

Miner, who faces a three-way primary next month, is the state Democratic Party co-chairwoman appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

She publicly broke with the governor over his proposal to allow local governments to smooth out pension costs, leading to some talk as to whether Miner would continue in her role she shares with Manhattan Democratic Assemblyman Keith Wright.

Schumer acknowledged that he usually stays out of primaries and launched into a story about when, in 1998, he defeated Sen. Al D’Amato and turned down a chance to lead the state Democratic Committee.

“Don’t!” Miner said with an apparent laugh.

“Yeah, she learned the hard way,” Schumer said.

One of Miner’s Democratic opponents, city Councilor Pat Hogan, will be my guest on Capital Tonight this evening. Miner also faces activist Alfonso Davis.