It’s not that Mayor Bloomberg is lonely. It’s that he sees the whole city benefiting if even more rich people moved to new york.

He said on his radio show this morning: “If we could get every billionaire around the world to move here, it would be a godsend.”

Some beg to differ.

They think New York has become too rarified. And they found their disgust validated this week with word that of the biggest U-S cities, none has a wider income gap than New York.

Narrowing that gulf is at the center of Bill de Blasio’s campaign for mayor.

He told me this morning: “We want every kind of person in new york city. we certainly appreciate if people come here and help build our economy, but the mayor needs to understand that beyond his social circle are millions of new yorkers who are struggling.”

Even if Bloomberg may not ooze empathy, hizzoner says it’s his policies that matter: policies, he adds that help poor people through services funded by the high tax rates levied on the wealthy…hence his call for more of them to move here.

Republican candidate Joe Lhota says he hadn’t heard the mayor…but he’s criticizing de Blasio. he says the Democrat’s plan only aids those with a job…not those looking for work.

The former MTA chief said: “That’s how you deal with income inequality. you don’t deal with it around the margins. you’re talking about paid sick leave. paid sick leave helps the people who are employed today – what about the people who are at the core problem of income inequality who are unemployed. I want them all employed.”

De blasio was endorsed by senator charles schumer…no surprise considering they’re both Democrats.

The candidate says he also wants more jobs. he says a better city university, universal pre-k and afterschool programs advances the city’s workforce. He plans to fund it with higher taxes on those making upwards of half a million dollars a year.

Schumer wouldn’t take a position on de Blasio’s tax plan. But he did note that he did back a rise in federal income taxes.