John Catsimatidis is lagging in the polls and some think Joe Lhota is assured victory come Tuesday’s Republican primary.

But Catsimatidis has two other ballot lines — one he created; the other is the dormant Liberal Party.

In May when he won the Liberal Party’s endorsement, he assured us no matter what he would be heading to the general election.

But today on Staten Island, Catsimatidis seemed to backtrack from that statement.

He said to talk to him Tuesday night.

When we asked him if he would continue on the other lines should he lose the Republican nomination, he said this:

“I am not going to answer that question. I believe we can win. You know, we have three to four hundred people in field operations on Tuesday.”

When we talked to Lhota about it later, he said he would be the one to unify the city’s Republican Party post primary.