New York Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox unleashed his most blistering attack yet on Demcoratic New York City mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio today at a conference of state GOP members and finance chairs.

In his prepared remarks, Cox accused de Blasio of running a campaign like President Obama’s re-election effort “but on steroids.”

“… And it is just what you would expect from a community organizer who honeymooned in Castro’s Cuba and palled around with the Sandinistas in the 80s: that is blatant class warfare; increased taxes apparently to … well …. just to increase taxes; attacking and demoralizing the City’s cops for their good work; and inviting the City’s ultra liberal judges to run the City’s operations and inviting the President of the teacher’s union to run the City’s schools, irrespective of the needs of the City’s students,” Cox said.

And Cox praised GOP nominee Joe Lhota, the former MTA chairman.

“Our Republican candidate, Joe Lhota, in stark contrast stands for lower taxes, stands up for the City’s cops, stands for appealing crazy court decisions and stands for continuing the school reforms which the last three presidents and the last four Governors have promoted on a bipartisan basis,” he said.

Clearly this is the manifestation of the effort to paint de Blasio, currently the city’s public advocate, as far too liberal for a city that has not elected a Democratic mayor since 1989.

Republicans have been sounding the alarm that de Blasio represents the danger of the city backsliding into the 1970s and 1980s, while Lhota is more of a continuation of the Giuliani and Bloomberg efforts to curtail crime.

Cox also acknowledged that Lhota faces a steep climb this year, especially considering that de Blasio has the advantage of a large enrolment edge.

“While the six to one Democratic advantage is daunting, it has been twenty years since the City elected a Democrat Mayor, and if sound policies and experience for the job are decisive, as they should be, our Republican candidate will again prevail,” Cox said.

Cox was re-elected GOP chairman at the conference today.