Gov. Andrew Cuomo today in North Creek said it was “premature” to ask about the scope of a possible tax cut in next year’s budget, but did leave the door open to one.

Cuomo, at Gore Mountain today to discuss the Finch Pruyn land preservation legislation with local officials, said in an off-topic question-and-answer session that he was studying the possibility of a tax cut.

“We’re studying the economy and the revenues as they’re coming in,” Cuomo said. “As you know, I’ve said since day one the trajectory of this state has been one that’s cutting taxes. There is no economic future for this state if we’re one of the highest taxed states in the nation.”

Cuomo indicated any tax cut would be dependent on the state’s finances. Currently the state faces a budget deficit of $1.74 billion.

“It becomes a function of the revenues at the time,” Cuomo said.

Typically, the executive budget proposal is due out in February, after the State of the State.

“That’s something we’re studying but we won’t have a decision close to January,” Cuomo said.

The governor has reportedly told donors he will push for a tax cut in 2014, a re-election year for him and the 213 members of the Senate and Assembly.

Bob Megna, the director of Cuomo’s Division of Budget, told Liz in a Capital Tonight interview that a tax cut is “under discussion.”

The news of a possible tax cut has emboldened Senate Republicans to cheer on a broad-based approach next year.