Before tomorrow’s primary, I covered the final day of campaigning for the city comptroller’s race. Something said in Chinatown by Former Governor Eliot Spitzer has caught some attention. He was asked about polls that show a very tight race, with rival Scott Stringer ahead in one survey, and another that show Spitzer with a lead that is within the margin of error.

“I did not do a poll before I got in. I know all the pundits said “Oh my goodness, how much polling have you done?” I don’t do polls. You’re in this business, you gotta understand what the public thinks. Gotta understand what the public needs. The problem with our politicians is they take polls. They don’t take positions because they’re gutless, they’re spineless. I’m not a voice of the establishment. I’m the voice of the people. And the people have been with me since the very beginning of this campaign. They’re gonna be with me tomorrow. They’re gonna turn out and vote. And they’re gonna say “We want somebody back who’s independent, who has fortitude, who has backbone, who stands up for us… Those for whom politics is a profession, all they worry about is getting the next job. Those are the ones who gave us a third term – directly contrary to the desires of a public that twice voted against it. I said that’s wrong, that’s not the way politics is supposed to be run. Those are the same people who are supporting my opponent. He was the one who testified in favor of a third term. Those are the folks who do polls. Those are the folks who are gutless, spineless, devoid of the backbone that our politicians should be demonstrating. I stand up for people. I stand up for what I believe is right.”

The audience of several dozen applauded.

I think it’s only fair to note that Spitzer’s campaign filings show he has spent $60,300 on polling to the firm of Joel Benenson, who has done President Obama’s polling.