Just over a week to go before the Democratic primary means no beach break for those wanting to spend the next four years in Gracie Mansion. They’re fanning out across the city in a bid for support.

Let’s start with Council Speaker Christine Quinn. She is announcing a court brief opposing the Bloomberg administration. She wants an immediate start to court-ordered policies like an outside monitor over the police department. It comes after a federal judge recently found the stop and frisk practice unconstitutional. Bloomberg wants those policies stayed pending appeal.

Quinn told a City Hall news conference Sunday afternoon: “Too many innocent New Yorkers – hundreds of thousands of innocent New Yorkers — are getting stopped, where there’s no evidence they did anything wrong. and then when they’re stopped, they’re not arrested. there’s no gun, there’s no knife, there’s no contraband.”

She says the filing was timed only to the court decision – not to garner Democratic votes in the primary in a bit over a week.

But rival Bill de Blasio countered her move is “a desperate attempt to distract attention from her eight year record of standing with Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.”

He visited a Brooklyn church Sunday, family in tow.

Outside de Blasio told me: “People are looking for consistency, and people all over the city want the stop and frisk era to end. And I have proposed I think the only way to really fundamentally change the situation -a new police commissioner, strong implementation of the racial profiling ban, and an independent inspector general.”

Not, so according to the third of the trio at the top of recent polls.

Bill Thompson also visited churches Sunday.

“I am confident that in the end that black voters are going to support my candidacy and do that strongly — not based on the fact that I’m black – but based on the fact that I’ve been there on the issues — issues of employment, issues of job creation, issues of safety, issues of education.”

One final note, back to de Blasio. By now, you must know that his son’s hairdo is getting a lot of (positive) attention. And as Dante de Blasio exited the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Rev. Daryl G. Bloodsaw called out: “Brother Dante! Keep wearing that Afro, man!”

After the laughter died down, Bloodsaw rubbed his own (bald) head and said, “I’m gonna grow mine on the inside.”

Kudos to Chris Smith of New York Magazine for help on the transcription on that one. I was schlepping out the camera at the time.