The Independent Oil and Gas Association is out with a graphic today that picks apart Department of Health Commissioner Nirav Shah’s words on what he meant when he said the health assessment study would be completed in a “in the next few weeks.”

The energy industry’s lobbying arm notes it’s been 34 weeks since Shah said that in a somewhat snarky graphic they’ve put out.

IOGA has lately shifted to a fracking “by the numbers” approach. The organization on Monday released a graphic putting into perspective how much has changed since New York has been in a defacto fracking moratorium.

“On January 30 of this year, it appeared that Dr. Shah was set to release the findings of his health assessment; his work, it seemed, was nearly complete. Yet, in subsequent weeks he inexplicably distanced himself from that statement,” said Brad Gill, IOGA of NY executive director. “Just this week, a new study concluded new natural gas development in Ohio has generated 38,000 jobs, and a University of Texas study showed methane leaks from drill sites are dramatically lower than EPA estimates. As those “few weeks” have now turned into 34 weeks, we can safely conclude the process is being held up by other reasons than scientific ones.”

Today’s Natural Gas Number: 34 by IOGANY