More than a dozen local governments from the New York City region to western New York are designated as being under “fiscal stress,” according to Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office and its monitoring system.

The governments under stress include Rockland, Suffolk, Nassau and Erie counties as well as smaller cities and villages.

An update to the troubles of municipalities was released this morning as more focus is put on municipalities and their budgetary plight.

“The increased number of municipalities in fiscal stress underscores the seriousness of the challenges facing local governments,” DiNapoli said in a statement. “By shining a light on the financial issues confronting our municipalities, we can jumpstart discussions at the state and local levels about fiscal stress so that corrective actions can be taken. There is a continued need for better long-range planning and honest conversations about how local governments operate when their regional economies, demographics and traditional revenue sources change.”

The update comes after initial scores were released in June, and also provides designations for the 88 local governments that hadn’t filed the necessary financial information with DiNapoli’s office or were listed under review.

DiNapoli’s office found the most troubled governments include Rockaldn, Suffolk and St. Lawrence counties, the city of Pougkeepsie, the town of Fishkill and the village of Islandia.

A complete list of the designations for local governments under fiscal stress is below.

Criteria for the monitoring system DiNapoli created as something of an early warning for cash-strapped municipalities includes cash-on-hand and structural budget deficits.

And while each community has unique issues that led to their budget troubles, there are some similarities.

The comptroller’s office found many of the communities facing fiscal stress, finding most were operating with perrenial budget gaps, a low fund balance and liquidty.

More than a third of the communities under fiscal stress also report short-term debt trouble and high fixed costs.

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