Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for an “intelligent” and “sober” discussion on the U.S. response to Syria today, saying that he hoped the federal government would function in contrast to recent big issues that Washington has failed to tackle.

“I want to see an intelligent, sober, non-political discussion that comes up with anintelligent conclusion through a deliberative process,” Cuomo said. “I want to see government work. I want to see the federal government work. I want to see Washington function. I don’t want to see the gridlock we’ve been seeing.”

He did not give an opinion either way as to how the U.S. should act or if President Obama’s limited engagement resolution should be approved.

Cuomo, who has made government functionality in the famously dysfunctional state Capitol a targeted goal with on-time budgets and a general lack of drama, has in recent years compared Albany’s successes to Washington’s gridlock and partisan acrimony.

It is in that context that he is often mention as a potential 2016 presidential candidate, an ambition he denies having.

“The process and the fact that government works and works well is vital here,” Cuomo added.