Nearly every single House Republican supported a government spending plan that defunds the Affordable Care Act.

But don’t let that trick you into thinking the GOP is one big happy family.

Rep. Michael Grimm, a moderate Republican, supported the plan, but seemed annoyed that he had to take the vote in the first place.

“The Ted Cruzes of the world – they have been campaigning and going all over and advertising and writing checks with their mouth that their vote can’t cash, and now it’s time for them to put up,” Grimm told me before the vote, referencing Sen. Ted Cruz who has been beating the destroy Obamacare drum all summer. “When Ted Cruz realizes that he doesn’t have the votes, which he always knew, but now he’s on the spot, maybe he won’t be so aggressive in his rhetoric, putting all the other Republicans in a spot to try to defend him. We’re not going to defend him anymore.”

Grimm, however, is still hopeful that the ultimate spending plan will undermine the Affordable Care Act. He’s floating an idea – as is Rep. Chris Gibson – that would delay Obamacare, but entice Democrats by putting automatic spending cuts, known as the sequester, on hold.

“I think there are quite a few Democrats that have said ‘we hate sequester, we’ve got to get rid of this. If we can get rid of the whole debt ceiling and raise the debt ceiling and end the sequester, a delay wouldn’t bother me,”‘ said Grimm.

Democrats think that’s ridiculous.

“Michael is hoping against hope. He knows that he is swimming upstream in his party,” said Rep. Gregory Meeks.

But Democrats have their own problems. Even if there is ultimately an agreement to drop the language to defund Obamacare, some liberal Democrats say they wouldn’t support the plan if it continued the sequester (which is how the House bill is written at the moment).

“I wouldn’t support anything unless it got rid of the sequester at a higher level,” said Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Brace yourself for the next ten days. It’s possible the brinkmanship will result not in an agreement, but a government shutdown, which will ultimately lead to a lot of finger pointing and soul searching.