Rep. Chris Collins (R-27) welcomed a potential diplomatic solution to the standoff with Syria, but criticized President Obama for allowing Russia to craft it.

Collins made the remarks during a conference call with reporters, held just hours before President Obama was scheduled to speak.

According to Collins, Russia’s proposal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons has elevated Russian President Vladimir Putin and diminished the standing of the United States.

Collins said “the most unfortunate piece” of the possible solution is that Russia is going to take credit for it.

Collins said he has not decided if he would support military action in Syria, should a resolution authorizing force make its way to the House.

The Senate has put a vote on hold, and some Senators, including Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), are working on a new proposal that would allow for military action if efforts to take Syria’s chemical weapons were unsuccessful.

Collins, who has been surveying his district, said the vast majority of his constituents oppose military action.

“I’ve never seen anything this overwhelming,” said Collins.