The dominate, big-money player in the pro-casino campaign has been New York Jobs Now, a coalition of business and labor groups that is pushing the amendment through a $2 million-plus ad campaign.

But another group making a strikingly similar argument for the casino amendment is All In For Jobs, a labor-backed entity that references casinos and gambling even less than New York Jobs Now.

As we’ve noted before, the mail campaign from Jobs Now doesn’t feature any casino imagery and mentions the word three times in 190 or so words on the mailer.

The website for All In For Jobs takes a similar tact.

The site — a screengrab is above — even euphemistically refers to casinos as “resort gaming.”

A radio ad was also heard on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show this morning.

All in all, the pro-casino campaign is huing rather closely to the ballot language voters will have before them next week: Namely that the casino amendment will create  jobs, lower property taxes and provide for school aid, a contention that opponents say is wrong and good-government groups cringe at.

The group is yet to file campaign reports with the state Board of Elections, but 24-hour notices show it has received $250,000 from the New York State Laborers Organizing Fund.

Tonight we will air part two of our series on the casino amendment, which will take a look at the campaign to promote the amendment and who is behind it.