Bill de Blasio was supposed to appear on 1010 WINS this morning.

He didn’t.

His campaign spokesman said there was a “scheduling conflict.”

Asked when the leading Democratic mayoral candidate was voting (it is Runoff Day after all), the spokesman said sometime between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The retort comes a day after we learned de Blasio’s father committed suicide more than 30 years ago. De Blasio had previously discussed his father’s alcoholism, but it was not known until now that his father ended his own life. 

De Blasio gave an extended interview to WNYC on the subject yesterday afternoon, after the Post broke the story.

During the interview, he says the topic is difficult to discuss.

“It also has to be understood of years of years of things getting worse and worse,” de Blasio recalled. “We knew his life was going to be coming to an end. We didn’t know it would be in this way.”

The interview is 16 minutes long. De Blasio discusses his name change — from Warren Wilhelm Jr., after his father, to eventually Bill de Blasio. He also reveals his son, Dante, had not known how his grandfather died. And ultimately he says the death is still very painful.

“It makes me think about bigger things. It makes me think about mental health. It makes me think about substance abuse. It makes me think about what happens to wounded veterans. It makes me think about a lot of things, but mainly it’s very, very personal. And it’s tough stuff to make sense of to this day.”

We still don’t know if we will see de Blasio on the campaign trail today. But we know he doesn’t plan to discuss this at all to the media again.

Just before yesterday’s interview concluded, de Blasio made this final point: “I think it’s fair that I that I would answer these questions for one person and explain the situation for one person. But after that I don’t have any intention to talk about it any more.”