Though Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo believes the state Health Department should overhaul its study and make it more transparent when it comes to determining whether high-volume hydrofracking should be permited in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters in Utica today he’s comfortable where his administration is at.

“I don’t believe so,” Cuomo said when asked if there’s a need to start over again. “We’re still in the middle of a really extensive review. We understand the gravity of the issue on both side.”

Lupardo, a Southern Tier Democrat who sits on the governor’s fracking advisory panel, said yesterday the health review needs to divulge more information and be transparent in its process.

But Cuomo believes the process of determining whether fracking is safe for people and water is moving forward based on the facts available.

“We make a decision on the facts rather than on the feelings which is always good,” he said.

The state has been operating under a de facto moratorium since 2008 when it comes to hydrofracking after the state missed multiple regulatory deadlines for the rule-making process.

Earlier this year, the governor directed DOH Commissioner Nirav Shah to begin a review of whether fracking poses any health risks, but that review is yet to be released.

The issue of hydrofracking remains a contentious one in New York, where a vocal environmental advocacy campaign has sprung up to oppose the process.

At the same time, Cuomo has been criticized by the energy industry for not making a decision on whether to allow the drilling method.

“We’re doing the best we can to understand all the facts,” Cuomo said. “It’s obviously hard to get all the information, but I feel good about where we are.”