It took a while, according to this report, but on Saturday Governor Cuomo endorsed Democratic Candidate for Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi. Republican Ed Mangano defeated Suozzi four years ago and is now running as the incumbent. Not that interesting on the surface, I will admit. What is noteworthy however, is that on the very same day Mangano began running this ad, prominently featuring one Andrew Cuomo. In this fine piece of reporting from my old friend Eileen Lehpamer at News 12 Long Island, people in Nassau County found the ad misleading, since it gives the appearance that Cuomo endorsed the Republican.

One doesn’t have to reach all that far back in the memory bank to recall the very public display of mutual admiration Cuomo and Mangano displayed toward one another, particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. At a time when there were no Republicans or Democrats, only hard working public servants working for all of the people, Cuomo and Mangano were a model of bi-partisan cooperation.

The Mangano ad features a 2010 press conference where Cuomo praised the County Executive for supporting the 2% property tax cap. Technically speaking, the public event is in the public sphere and Mangano has a right to pull from it as he so chooses. On the other hand, Cuomo is usually very particular about how his image and words are used. So it would stand to reason that if he called his old friend Mangano up and demanded that he take it down, it’s unlikely Mangano would tell him to go climb a tree.

Jeff Guillot, A spokesman for Suozzi said via press release that  “Mangano is trying to mislead the voters,” and the commercial is “disingenuous.” He declined to comment on whether Cuomo should ask for the ad to be pulled.

The Governor’s office had no immediate comment on the ad, or on whether or not the Governor had concerns about it giving a false impression. On Saturday Cuomo told Reporters that he works hard to have good relationships on both sides of the aisle. Besides, it’s probably flattering to Cuomo that he must be SO popular in Nassau County a Republican is using his image to win a race against a Democrat. Chalk that one up respecting the will of the people.