Oh, the suburbs.

As the Westchester County executive race finishes up its final and rather heated campaign days, Republican incumbent Rob Astorino’s campaign is charging supporters of his Democratic opponent are ripping down his lawn signs.

The campaign released a video this morning purporting to show two men taking down campaign signs for Astorino and installing Bramson signs, as well as a yard sign for a Democratic county Legislature candidate.

“Noam Bramson needs to explain to the people of Westchester why his workers are systematically destroying the campaign property of County Executive Rob Astorino,” said Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

Bramson spokesman Barry Caro said the men in the video aren’t their campaign workers.

“We’ve never seen these guys in our lives,” said Bramson spokesman Barry Caro. “They simply aren’t campaign employees.”

He added in an email that Bramson yard signs haven’t fared much better, either.

“I wish lawn signs stayed up for both sides, but I don’t think anyone in the world could say with a straight face that Rob Astorino’s campaign haven’t been ripping them down from the first day ours went up,” he said, pointing me to this tweet from two weeks ago (and this tweet from that other Reisman in journalism).

The Bramson campaign also plans to roll out a series of endorsements from the Empire State Pride Agenda and UFCW 1500, an LGBT advocacy group and grocey store workers union respectively.

“We’ll stay focused on the issues that actually matter – protecting our values and fighting for the middle class,” Caro said.