The committee formed to promote the passage of an amendment to raise the retirement age for state judges is being paid for by some of New York’s most prominent law firms, according to a filing with the state Board of Elections.

Like New York Jobs Now, the coalition that backs the casino expansion amendment, Justice For All is a ballot referendum committee that files with the state BOE.

The filing shows prominent firms that have business before the courts like Greenburg, Traurig donated $10,000, while Ruskin, Moscou & Faltischek contributed $1,000.

Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore contributed $100,000, the filing shows.

Law firms aren’t the only contributors.

Recently retired Court of Appeals Judge Carmen Ciparick contribured $1,000.

The committee is already spending, too.

The filing shows Justice For All has spent $40,000 on polling from Global Strategies in September and $99,500 on mail.

All told, the group has $366,150 and spent $164,500, its top line filing shows. Justice For All has $201,650 in cash on hand.

Sitting judges are prohibited from campaigning for a candidate or a ballot initiative, including the amendment that would raise the retirement age from 70 to 80 for state Supreme Court judges and those who sit on the Court of the Appeals, the state’s highest court.

The formation of the committee backing the retirement age change, led by Albany political consultant Bruce Gyory, was announced this morning.

rwservlet by Nick Reisman