A super PAC backing Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota scored a win in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals today, allowing the organization to accept unlimited amounts of money.

In the ruling, the court found that donors to the political action committee, New York Progress and Protection PAC, would lose their protected political speech if contributions were limited.

“Every sum that a donor is forbidden to contribute to NYPPP because of this statute reduces constitutionally protected political speech,” the three-judge panel wrote in its opinion. “Much of the district court’s analysis of hardship focuses on18hardship to the election system arising from the timing of19this suit and this motion for a preliminary injunction.”

A federal judge earlier this month shot down an effort to grant a preliminary injunction to the group that would have allowed donors to go over the $150,000 contribution limit in state law.

In the ruling, Judge Paul Crotty argued the move would disrupt the state’s campaign finance laws so close to an election.

However the ruling today by the Second Circuit rejected the claim of disruption in the electoral process.

“these concerns are neither sufficiently severe disruptions to the election process itself nor sufficiently particularized to outweigh the irreparable harm that stems from restrictions on political speech,” according to the ruling.

Public polls have shown Lhota trailing Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio by double digits with a week-and-half to go before Election Day.

Update: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office said in a statement it’s “deeply disappointed” by the ruling.

“Attorney General Schneiderman believes that every voter should have an equal voice in our democracy, and that New York’s campaign finance laws are essential to protecting the integrity and fairness of our elections. We are deeply disappointed with this decision.”

13-3889-cv_opn by Nick Reisman