Republican Chairman Ed Cox said Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino got an enthusiastic reception at the Republican Governors Association in Arizona last week, especially from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Cox told Fred Dicker on his Talk-1300 radio show this morning that Christie and Astorino met for what was scheduled to be a 15-minute sit down that turned into an hour-long meeting.

“I can tell you — he was a hit,” Cox said. “He has a certain x-factor that just draws people to him and make them interested in what he’s doing. The reaction to him was very positive and they’re urging him to run.”

He added that “Governor Christie was very positive about Rob’s running.”

Naturally, the unseating of a Democratic governor in a Democratic heavy state would be a major political boon to Republicans, even if polls show Astorino has little name recognition and Gov. Andrew Cuomo a huge monetary advantage.

But there’s somewhat differing interpretations of the results of the Astorino-Christie meeting.

Dicker’s column today reported the New Jersey governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate would back Astorino “to the hilt” in a campaign against Cuomo next year.

Ken Lovett at The Daily News found that Christie would back Astorino’s run, but stopped short of offering full-fledged support against a governor who bring a $28 million-plus war chest in 2014.

Without going into detail, Cox said there wasn’t much conflict between the two reports.

“I’m not sure the two stories are that different, quite frankly,” Cox said.

The GOP chairman also knocked Democrats who are requesting ethics investigations of his ties to an energy company following a concerted effort by Cox to push Cuomo on allowing high-volume hydfrofracking in the state.

The latest Democrat to do so was IDC Sen. Jeff Klein last week.

Cox accused Cuomo of meddling in the affairs of both his anti-corruption panel and the ethics commission, JCOPE.

“He corrupted the Moreland Commission by trying to control it and as a result it’s getting very messy,” he said. “It’s the same thing, he’s corrupted his ethics commission  by trying to use it for political purposes.”