Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a post-Election Day radio interview this morning praised New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, saying he’s “excited” following his landslide victory over Republican Joe Lhota.

“We’ve worked together on numerous campaigns,” Cuomo said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom. “I am just so excited to have Bill in that position.”

But Cuomo dodged when asked how he’ll approach de Blasio’s key campaign proposal: raising taxes on those who make $500,000 and more a year in order to fund universal pre-Kindergarten in the city.

“That’s a January conversation and that is a multi-part conversation,” Cuomo said, adding that the coalition-led Senate and Democratic-controlled Assembly needed to be included in the discussions.

Senate Republicans are not likely to support a tax increase in the city, but Cuomo too, also has an eye toward his own re-election come 2014. He set up a tax commission to be led by former Gov. George Pataki and ex-Comptroller Carl McCall, which has the stated mandate of finding taxes to cut, potentially putting the Cuomo agenda at odds with the new mayor.

“You’re going to need the specifics … you need facts and you need details,” Cuomo said of the proposal, paraphrasing his father Mario Cuomo’s often-quoted “you campaign in prose, but govern in poetry” line.

But Cuomo emphasized repeatedly his “affection” for de Blasio, his family and their long shared history.

“I don’t think you could have a mayor and a governor who have had a better relationship,” Cuomo said in the interview, adding, “I think New Yorkers will be pleased with what they see.”

Cuomo today will be taking something of a victory lap following the approval the amendment to expand casino gambling in New York. The governor did not make many public pitches on the casino amendment, though he did record a robocall backing the measure.

The governor will be in Bethel at 1 p.m. and then appear in Binghamton at 3 p.m., two of the three areas slated for casino construction under companion legislation approved this year.

Cuomo’s team is especially happy the measure passed, even taking to social media to push back on the concerns raised by gambling opponents of the overly favorable language on the ballot.

Howard Glaser, the governor’s state operations director and the point man for the casino amendment in the administration, tweeted this morning: “Voters saw on ballot: AMENDMENT AUTHORIZING CASINO GAMING – bold letters – Press fiction re wording rejected by 1 judge and 1 million voters”