Republican former John Sweeney hasn’t been in office for nearly seven years, but his campaign committee lives on.

Only the Federal Election Commission says Sweeney, who was unseated by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand in 2006 in the older 20th Congressional District, hasn’t been filing the necessary reports.

In a letter to Sweeney, the FEC is asking that he hasn’t met the requirements for properly terminating his campaign committee.

The letter was first flagged by the Center for Public Integrity.

At the same time, Sweeney’s former campaign committee is also settled with more than $200,000 in debt that it must still pay off.

Settling old campaign debt is a requirement for ending a federal campaign committe’s account.

“Please provide clarifying information regarding the outstanding debts and obligations disclosed on your Termination Report,” the letter says.

Since losing his seat, the Clifton Park Republican has worked both as a lawyer and an advisor to several GOP candidates.

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