The Democratic Endorsed Candidate for Rochester Mayor received some support from an unlikely source Friday.  It was an endorsement that raised some eyebrows, and made one Monroe County Democrat’s blood boil.

“I’ve been in politics for over 50 years and I have never been so shocked and appalled as I am right now,” said Monroe County Legislator Paul Haney.

In an e-mail to fellow democrats, with the subject line “Disgusting News,” Haney sharply criticized Democrat Lovely Warren for accepting the endorsement of Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. 

“Some God awful deal has been made and I am disgusted!” Haney wrote.  Haney was irate that Warren would stand side-by-side with someone who as he put it “blocked virtually every initiative that Democrats have advanced in the County Legislature and who opposed Pres. Obama, Gov. Cuomo and tried to knock Louise (Slaughter) out of the box.”

During a Friday morning press conference Brooks suggested her statement of support for Warren was a pledge to work together.

“Residents should know that I believe she and I will have a unique ability to govern together when the election is over,” Brooks said.

Warren pulled a stunning upset in September when she soundly defeated Rochester Mayor Tom Richards in the Democratic Primary.  Since then, Warren’s momentum has been slowed by speculation she may not be the most qualified candidate.

“I think the main thing Lovely Warren is fighting right now is the possibility that some voters are going to panic and say I’m hearing Tom Richards will stay.  Maybe he can get enough votes and win, maybe this whole election is up for grabs again?” said Aaron Wicks, co-publisher of the online political publication Smugtown Beacon.

Although Richards will appear on the ballot, under the Independence and Working Families lines, he has twice announced he was out of the race and supporting Warren.  But Richards has refused to campaign for Warren, and a group of his supporters are continuing to campaign on his behalf.

“One of things that’s been clear from this campaign is that there is still not complete uniformity of opinion within the Democratic Party particularly within the city.  Obviously the “Turn Out For Tom” effort shows there are a number of Democrats who are not content with the nominee,” Wicks said. 

Wicks believes the Brooks’ endorsement, along with the endorsement of former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson, was designed to reassure those who voted for Warren in September. 

“I think it sends a signal to voters that some of the rhetoric aside, Lovely Warren has been City Council President.  She knows the city and she can govern.  She’s qualified, so voters need not panic.  They don’t need to worry and think about holding onto the existing mayor.  They can take a chance on her and know that she’s up to the job.  That’s what this endorsement was all about,” said Wicks.

Still, the move seemed to catch Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Morelle off guard.  Morelle said he was not consulted or made aware of the endorsement prior to the press conference.

“Though he has thrown his support publicly behind Warren, there has been some speculation about how warm that support is.  So I think the move by the Warren Campaign was done to protect her candidacy.  And whether the chairman was involved, or not, was probably irrelevant to their considerations.  If they could get this endorsement they were going to get it,” Wicks said.

While Haney, and some of Brooks’ political adversaries, may not like the move Wicks doubts it will cost Warren many votes.

“This is a signal from the most unlikely of sources, a Republican County Executive, that Lovely Warren is someone you can do business with.  So I think her base sees this as validation, actually, of what they’ve seen all along,” Wicks added. 

But for at least one Democrat this endorsement is simply unacceptable. 

“The smell of this ‘deal’ exceeds anything that the old Emerson Street landfill or the Van Lare Sewerage Treatment plant ever produced,” Haney concluded.

Both Brooks and Warren declined to comment on Haney’s email.