Add Rep. Bill Owens to the growing list of lawmakers who want President Obama to put an end to the recent wave of insurance policy cancellations.

The North Country Democrat, who is no doubt thinking about his tough re-election battle next year, announced that he will vote with Republicans on a legislative fix that would allow people to keep the insurance they currently have.

“I intend to vote for H.R. 3350 on Friday,” Owens told me in a statement. “While I am not convinced this legislation fully solves the problems consumers are facing, it is a step in the right direction.”

The recent news that people have been dropped from insurance plans that don’t meet the enhanced Obamacare requirements has not only been a public relations nightmare for the White House, but it has put the President’s integrity on the line.

In the lead-up to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama repeatedly promised Americans that they would be able to keep the coverage they had and liked.

The screw-up led to a rare Presidential apology last week.

But Republicans, on a mission to kill the President’s health care law, want much more. They quickly drafted legislation to be voted on Friday that would allow insurers to continue selling their old plans.

Adding to the pressure on the White House is Bill Clinton. The former President, in an interview released Tuesday, urged the President to stop the cancellations.

The White House opposes the House plan, but is said to be working on its own fix.

It’s unclear how many Democrats will vote with Republicans on Friday. Back in July, 22 Democrats, including swing district Reps. Dan Maffei, Sean Patrick Maloney and Owens, supported a Republican plan to delay the implementation of the individual mandate.

The plan went nowhere in the Senate. However, the political pressure now is far more intense than it was just a few months ago.