Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino is pressuring Republican county chairs to withhold endorsements from their state legislative delegation until they support ending the tenures of the Republican leaders in the Assembly and Senate.

Paladino knocked both Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos and Republican Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb in an interview with Susan Arbetter on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom Tuesday for what he believe is kowtowing to the Cuomo administration.

And without Skelos and Kolb properly booted from office, he plans to launch his own Conservative Party bid for governor, a move that would require a Wilson-Pakula waiver from Chairman Michale Long.

Zeroing in on Skelos, Paladino said, “terrible leader, he’s a terrible negotiator and he has to go.”

The move would potentially jeopardize the GOP’s standing on Row B should Paladino place second in the general election.

“If they want the Republican Party on Row B in the future, the county chairs have to corral their legislative delegation,” Paladino said in the radio interview.

That Paladino has juice with the county chairs statewide remains to be seen. He also launched into an attack of GOP chairman Vincent Reda in Rockland County.

And he acknowledged his candidacy would split the ticket and most certainly assure Cuomo of a second term.

“The Democrats will win the election,” Paladino said. “There’s no question about it. That’s not the point.”

The purification of the party he said needs to happen in order to help the Republican nominee, be it Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino or Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin.

“If the Republicans go into 2014 just the way they are right now, with whatever candidate they might drum up other than me, they’re going to lose because the rank-and-file of the Republican party doesn’t know what to believe in,” Paladino said.

For now the establishment GOP in New York hasn’t really taken on Paladino directly, save for Astorino advisor Bill O’Reilly in Newsday.

Scott Reif, a spokesman for the Senate Republicans, tweeted during the interview a defense of Skelos: “Under Sen Skelos’ leadership: income tax cut, spending flat 3 years in a row, property tax cap, elimination of MTA payroll tax on most biz”